Mountain Majesty

Mt. Rainier 9

My husband and I spent five of the best hours of our life in Mt. Rainier National Park yesterday.  We were both moved beyond words at the majesty of the mountains and the glaciers, the beauty that surrounded us at every turn.  We have been to many places during our travels, but this place was […]

Keeping Love Alive

Memory Box

This is my last post for the link up with Wifessionals From One Year and Beyond.  We are talking about our anniversary celebration recaps today. Ashley @ It Is What You Make It // Kalyn @ Love.Laughter.HappilyEverAfter  // Mallory @ From California to Kansas // Karla @ Forever Newly Wedded // Maggie @ A Weaving of Grace //Samantha @ Designer in Teal // Veronica @ Passion.Pink.Pearls // Kaitlyn @ Wifessionals // Emily @ […]

Relationship Communication

Cannon Beach

I’m linking up again with the ladies today from Playdates with God, Marriage Mondays, Matrimonial Mondays, Happy Wives Club, Wifessionals, Faith Filled Fridays and A Holy Experience. Continuing my photo journal today as we travel the Northwest coastline. As I reflect on the verses below, I realize the impact our actions have on our relationships […]

Refuge of Faith


Every other refuge in which you may seek safety and rest will, sooner or later, turn out to be a refuge of lies; but the refuge to be found in Jesus will never disappoint your hopes:  it will abide forever.  Anonymous quote in a nineteenth-century tract I was reminded last night at dinner just how […]

San Francisco Photo Gallery

The Golden Gate

Unexpected Marriage Lessons


I’m linking up with the ladies today from Wifessionals, Playdates with God, Marriage Mondays, Matrimonial Mondays, Happy Wives Club, Faith Filled Fridays, Thursday Favorite Things and A Holy Experience. The topic today –  “What Have You Learned From The Unexpected and How Have You Grown as a Couple.”  I think everyone has unexpected marriage lessons they take away from their […]

America’s Worst Charities

Compassion International

America’s Worst Charities It was disheartening to wake up this morning – Father’s Day – and find several large headlines in the news with the titles, America’s Worst Charities.  It is a personal and emotional decision to give to a charity; you want to be assured that your money is used for the purpose in […]