Getting Pruned by God

Are You Being Pruned By God

Kim Faith, Moving Forward 14 Comments

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. John 15:1-2

God’s Pruning

What does it mean to be pruned by God? Or some of you may be asking, “What does it feel like to be pruned by God,” though I suspect most of us have a good idea already.

Getting Pruned by God

Take these trees above. Fire has scorched the trunks and left them fertile for new life. Heavy rain, flooding and aging create hollowed out trunks that bring shelter for wildlife. Nothing is by chance. God leaves His mark on the tree to the right. The symbol of life.

When we accept Jesus into our lives, it is a gift – not to be kept to ourselves, but to be shared with others. When we hear His message and offer our lives to Christ, The Holy Spirit is the gift that is given to us along with eternal salvation. We are to live our lives in accordance with the scriptures. We start our life-long Faith Walk, guided by The Holy Spirit, to reflect the image of Christ to others as we are called to do in Matthew 28:19.

How does Jesus, perfect in every way, mold us and shape us? How does He wash away our sins and get our attention away from our selfishness; our judgmental attitudes; our brokenness?

He gives us thorns in the flesh that bring us to our knees; that make us cry out and cling to no one else but Him, because we realize His grace is sufficient for us. His power is made perfect in weakness. And because of this, we learn a greater strength than we would have ever known in ourselves.

We beat our chests in anger over the evil in the world; in the suffering that goes on; in the children starving in our neighborhoods, in every state and worlds away. We throw our hands in the air and scream, “Why do you let it continue, God?”

Then it happens. Our eyes are opened. We have lost a small piece of ourselves as we grieve for our fellow-man. We roll up our sleeves and we get to work.

We slave after the foolish things in this life, always willing to go the extra mile for the chance at a better paying job, a nicer home or that must-have car. My family will understand. Dad makes excuses for why he’s never home for dinner. The kids are grown and don’t communicate at all anymore. Did they forget where we lived? Mom’s eyes have started to look elsewhere; she thinks no one needs or wants her anymore. This family is at the verge of a breakdown until God intervenes in the form of a death that shatters the family for a while, but then slowly draws them back together, stronger than ever. Their eyes firmly fixed on what is important for the first time.

God’s chisel is always at work, cutting away the apathy and hate from our inner-being. We don’t notice; others do.

Perspective brings things into light that were once in darkness.

Doorways close that keep us from becoming who we are meant to be in Christ. Pathways lead us to new opportunities, new people. Pivotal circumstances bring monumental change. They don’t come without monumental pain.

Pruning is painful. We don’t see what God sees. We have to have blind trust. We need to walk by faith.

Now safely on the other side, you have the opportunity to breathe. Time passes. You begin to see the bigger picture of what God is doing.

You see the fruit of His Pruning

You have more trust, less fear the next time you are being pruned. There is always a next time. You will help others safely to the other side.

We are all being pruned by God. I am no exception. We need to cling to His Word and His promise. He is faithful. His Word is Truth.

What is your biggest lesson from God’s pruning?

I think mine is this: no matter how badly I love something or someone, God sometimes sees a need to remove this from my life. Sometimes it is for a short time. Other times it is permanently. I do know that He works not only on me, but through me, and through others around me. These lessons may have nothing to do with me. Pain is still pain.

I’m linking up here today.

Keep the Faith,
Kim Adams Morgan


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  3. Christi (@ChristiLGee)

    This is so beautifully put. Pruning has been on my mind often lately and I was immediately drawn to your title (from Testimony Tuesday). Pruning proves we are worth the master gardener’s time. And the very fact that we are pruned means we will bear fruit again. I’m encouraged by your honest reflections. Thanks for sharing!

    Embracing the journey,


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  4. Ellen Chauvin

    Hi Ki! Oh, the pruning that He has done in my life…but the new growth that came from that pruning is invaluable. It wasn’t easy at the time, trimming away all the hard thick, dead branches. But when the soft new growth sprouted, it was beautiful! Joining you today from Testimony Tuesday.

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  5. bluecottonmemory

    A week ago, I was pruning a couple of shrubs – that I love – and in the pruning (I called it architectural pruning) – more of their beauty was revealed. God’s done a lot of that with me – first He pruned my mothering pride giving humbleness room to grow. In the midst of that, He pruned my a-good-Christian-doesn’t-need-help attitude – and He pruned me to lean on Him. I am still a work in progress! I am amazed at God’s determined strength to not stop!

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      I like that word, architectural pruning. Don’t we all need that. Sometimes it is when we think we have our “walk” down that we need the most pruning. At least for me.

  6. floyd

    This is the voice of wisdom. Only having been through the pruning process could anyone come up with this Divinely appointed perspective. Sometimes words don’t bring comfort to our senses, but to our soul.

    Thanks for the reminder, sister.

  7. Victor S E Moubarak

    Kim, what a wonderful post you have written here. Thought-provoking too.

    God does sometimes prune us, corrects us, and sends us down alleyways we would rather not go to – like a severe illness, or a death or misfortune that befalls us and those near us. Sometimes the pain is so much that the temptation is there just to give up on Him. “If He let’s this happen to me … what’s the point?”

    It’s at times like these that we need real trust … through gritted teeth even … we should continue to trust Him.

    Difficult – YES. But very worth it.

    God bless you for such a great and timely post, Kim.
    Victor S E Moubarak recently posted…Desperate PrayersMy Profile

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  8. Ceil

    Hi Kim! i was just looking at a bush out front. I had cut it back about three feet, and wondered if it would make it this year. It looks so good! New leaves and everything! That reminds me of the power of pruning. Yes, it hurts a LOT when I’m pruned in my life, but I pray that I’ll bounce back better than ever, just like my planting in the front yard.

    A timely post for me today! Have a great holiday weekend :)
    Ceil recently posted…Dead Ends and New BeginningsMy Profile

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      Hello, friend. Yes, when I think back to the most painful pruning times, I have to be honest – it’s when I’ve learned the most or grown the most.

      Happy Memorial Day to you, Ceil.

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