Are you having communication problems in a relationship? Could you be hearing something in that wasn't said?

The Communication Gap

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  We grow up learning to communicate in different ways. Our experiences all play a part in not only how we internalize what we hear and see, but also how we respond to external stimuli. To go a step further, our mood, our immediate surroundings and our family/relationship dynamics all play a part in what goes on in our hearts and …

Save Money on Groceries

How to Save Money on Groceries

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Saving Money on Groceries Groceries are something we all need. Sometimes it can be hard to fit them in the budget, especially if shopping for a family. The consumer price index on food has risen more than ten percent over the past five years. The price of eggs alone have increased nine percent since 2014. Unfortunately, consumers don’t get paid …

Saying Goodbye to a pet as they go to the Rainbow Bridge

Saying Goodbye to a Pet Friend

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Since I was a small child, I’ve felt my soul has been intertwined with animals. It is a part of my daily existence. It is how I nourish my life.  It is how I re-energize. During times of heightened pain and increased flares, it is how I cope; it is how I breathe. In my life, God has graciously sent …