Portobello Mushroom Dish

Our Elimination Diet – Part One Complete

Kim Autoimmune, Cooking & Healthy Food 10 Comments

I’m happy to report my husband and I have made it through our first three weeks (Part One) of the Elimination Diet. If you are just tuning in to my blog, catch up with Cooking & Food Allergies and Dry Eyes and Dry Mouth. When my doctor discussed trying the elimination diet as a tool to manage the joint pain and …


Cooking & Food Allergy

Kim Cooking & Healthy Food, Health & Lifestyle 16 Comments

I have had a lot of fun cooking this winter. I’ve also found that if I keep the stove running, it’s a great way to keep the house warm, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve created this season. Most of these are organic and vegetarian, but we do occasionally add meat to our diet when we …

Breaking Free of addiction

Lost in the Struggle of Addiction

Kim Health & Lifestyle, Life 17 Comments

I’d like to welcome Eliza from ParentPathway to Pouring Down Like Rain for this guest post and thank them for their advice on this sensitive topic. Eliza blogs for ParentPathway, a free online resource that offers information, support and resources to parents whose children are chemically dependent upon drugs or alcohol.  Eliza and the other ParentPathway bloggers offer daily doses of experience, strength …

Breaking Free of Codependency

Do You Struggle With Codependency?

Jill McKnight Breaking Free, Health & Lifestyle 13 Comments

Hi. I am Jill, and I struggle with codependency. A few years ago, somebody said to me, “Jill, I think you have some codependency issues.” I was extremely offended. At that time, I thought that “codependency” meant that I needed people. In my mind, I was an independent woman who knew how to change a flat tire all by myself. …