How to create and sustain a loving marriage.

Creating a Loving Marriage with Santa

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Love is something you work at. It’s something you do every day. Creating a loving marriage takes a daily effort from two imperfect people. When it’s done correctly with patience, kindness, forgiveness and never-ending mercy and grace, you can create a loving marriage that will withstand a lifetime of trials. Creating a loving marriage takes a daily effort from two imperfect …

Are you having communication problems in a relationship? Could you be hearing something in that wasn't said?

The Communication Gap

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  We grow up learning to communicate in different ways. Our experiences all play a part in not only how we internalize what we hear and see, but also how we respond to external stimuli. To go a step further, our mood, our immediate surroundings and our family/relationship dynamics all play a part in what goes on in our hearts and …

God-centered Marriage Design

Pride in People: A God-centered Marriage

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We all have things we’re proud of. Our kids, homes we’ve worked hard for, that body we’ve worked so hard to maintain. Come on, let’s be honest, after a certain age we gain weight if we even look at sugar and carbohydrates. Am I right ladies? For men, it’s their career they find purpose in, or maybe the classic car …

Persevering in Marriage, hardest moments in marriage

Hardest Moments From Marriage

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Rick and I have so many wonderful memories from our first few years of marriage.  We have had our challenges too. #1.  One of our hardest moments from marriage to overcome was our preference on animals in the home. I would have had an entire farm in our home. Well, maybe not this far.  Rick thought animals were great, but …