Caroline Harries

Friday Faith Walk with Caroline

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If you haven’t taken your own faith walk yet, I hope you will see yourself in these stories. I pray it will give you the courage and faith to take your own Faith Walk. These are your Faith Walks.   Meet Caroline Harries who blogs over at In Due Time. “In 2011 my life changed for the better when I married my …

Being Enough

Would I Be Enough – Reviewing Elliot Rodger

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We all struggle in this life, right?  Lets face it, life is hard. It wasn’t long ago I used to ask myself, sometimes repeatedly, if I was enough. At each season of my life, this question seemed to come up. Am I Enough? Enough for what? I think I was talking to God as I kept asking this question, though …

Toxic Easter Basket

Toxic Easter Basket

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Like most parents, we all want to give our children a wonderful Easter to remember, but please read the labels before you fill those baskets, or your child could end up with a toxic Easter basket. Are you buying the latest Easter Egg Coloring Kit on the market? What you may not realize (if you are not carefully reading the instructions) …

God is Faithful

God Is Faithful

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Hey there. I’m Caroline and I blog over at In Due Time, which I started back in April of 2012. In 2011 my life changed for the better when I got married to my sweet husband, Colby. Besides working as a financial analyst during the day, I enjoy spending time with Colby, friends, watching football, and attending various small groups …

Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

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  Most people think they have good communication skills, but if we asked a sibling, a close friend, a co-worker or a spouse to take an anonymous survey of their communication skills, they may be surprised at the results.  Why? Here are some common mistakes people make to cause Communication Breakdown Stuck on Transmit – Have you ever talked with …


Warning on Smartphone Photo Tracking

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We all love to take photos with our smartphones, right?  Well here is another reason to be very disturbed about the tracking features in your phone and on the market today. WARNING ON SMARTPHONE PHOTO TRACKING FEATURES We love when they make our life easier, but this is something that all parents need to be aware of before they snap …