Hydrangea for Faith Walk

Friday Faith Walk: Forgiveness

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Welcome Back to Friday Faith Walk.   Each Friday we feature a new story of how someone came to faith in Christ. God reaches out to each of us at different times, and in different ways until we open the door and let Him in.  He does this through people, events and circumstances in life (good and bad), and sometimes even by …

Responsibility in Marriage

Avoiding Unhappy Marriages

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The dating process and the engagement period are there for a reason: to get to know someone. It seems we have forgotten this and gone right from introductions, followed by a rush to sleep together, then living together. Finally (if ever) people get married. It’s so sad that so many couples are looking for ways on how to survive in an unhappy marriage. …

52 Uncommon Dates

Book Review and Giveaway – 52 Uncommon Dates

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I’m a complete book worm. I always have a book with me. Especially when we are in the car or on a trip. When I was first contacted by Side Door Communications to review 52 Uncommon Dates: A Couples Adventure Guide for Praying, Playing, and Staying Together I didn’t need to think about it. I immediately said yes. My husband …


Pornography – Is It Really Wrong?

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 I’d like to welcome a guest post today by Dr. James Emery White. Be sure to read more on Dr. White at the end of the post. Is Pornography Really Wrong? When it comes to porn, the question facing many men and women is simple: is it really wrong? Is it really that big of a deal? I mean, it’s just …

Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

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  Most people think they have good communication skills, but if we asked a sibling, a close friend, a co-worker or a spouse to take an anonymous survey of their communication skills, they may be surprised at the results.  Why? Here are some common mistakes people make to cause Communication Breakdown Stuck on Transmit – Have you ever talked with …