Some favorite Christmas music include White Christmas, but it's all about Jesus.

Christmas Music In the Air

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Just about everywhere we go this month we will hear Christmas music celebrating the season. The repertoire will include “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” “Frosty the Snowman,” and “White Christmas”; and being caught up in the moment, we will sing along with the artist.

Some favorite Christmas music include White Christmas, but it's all about Jesus.

The Advent services at churches are celebrated with the hymns of the season. Even though many of the songs we sing may not be historically or theologically accurate, they seem to fill a need traditionally and emotionally. Were there really three kings? Did the angels really sing?

Biblical Christmas Music

Luke 1:46-55 records the most beautiful and poignant Christmas song ever written ~ Mary’s song referred to as the “Magnificent.” This passage of scripture has often been used as the foundation for may choral musical pieces. With these words, Mary glorified God for what he was going to do for the world through her. By accepting this gift, she demonstrated her love and service to God.

I Samuel 2:1-10 records the song of another mother. Hannah praises God for his faithfulness to her in giving her a son.

Like these two mothers, we can place our confidence in God’s ultimate control over all the events in our lives and extend our gratitude to him for all the affairs of life.

In 1984, Mark Lowry put together some God-inspired words that reflect the heart of Mary. Many will celebrate the season and the new year with the words of this beautiful composition, “Mary Did You Know.” One of the most vivid and profound lines calls to Mary’s attention that when she kisses her little boy, she kisses the face of GOD.

Perhaps the above song may be the most beautiful piece of Christmas music ever composed. What do you think?


PRAYER – By praising you, Heavenly Father, we acknowledge your ultimate control over all the affairs of life. Surround us with your loving arms and bountiful peace. A-men

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Let the peace of God rule in your heart.
Susie Bellamy

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  1. floyd

    I’m with you; that song is profound in it’s exploration of God’s heart in history. Not to mention that it is beautiful. We sat around last night listening to Christmas songs and that one probably to most. My wife and girls love it, it’s their favorite too.

    Merry Christmas, Kim. God bless you and yours, sister.
    floyd recently posted…HAPPILY EVER AFTERMy Profile

  2. Bill (cycelguy)

    I tend to have my favorites. I listen to Tommy James’ “I Love Christmas” as well as Chris Tomlin’s. I also like Theocracy’s Christmas music (but that is not for everyone’s taste). :) I used to dislike Christmas music but have grown to like some. Frivolous ones are not my cup of tea though. (Grandma got run over, etc).
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…ProphecyMy Profile

    1. Kim

      My favorite, hands down, is Mary Did You Know. When the young mad sang it on The Voice (forgot his name), my soul just cried. He is truly gifted.

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