Finding Hope Peace and Joy

Finding Hope, Peace, & Joy

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Are you struggling right now to find some hope, peace or joy in your life? Life is challenging even when you have all your ducks in a row. It can take just one circumstance to throw your world off-balance. Am I right?

  • How many of us have lived – or are living now – from paycheck to paycheck, waiting for the economy to recover? You wonder if you have enough to make it until next week?
  • Who is still searching for that elusive job, pounding the pavement or the virtual internet highway praying this next application will produce the call you’ve been waiting for?
  • I know some of you know what it’s like to live with pain, with chronic illnesses; some of you are fighting for your life right now. You are on your knees praying every night.
  • Are you trying to keep your marriage together? You are not sure how, why? You made a vow before God but neither one of you has spoken to Him; you are not sure you even know how or where to start to ask for help. You wonder if your marriage can be saved?
Finding Hope, Peace, & Joy

Finding Hope Peace and Joy

You are not alone in your fight. You are never alone. Your God loves you. During trials it is hard to see past the hurt and the pain to where better things await. It is even harder to imagine that this trial you’re in will bring positive things with it. God gives us hard times to grow our faith and draw us closer to Him. He doesn’t want us to rely on our own wisdom, courage, and resources. He has given us Jesus Christ as our Savior and the Holy Spirit as our guide. 

God hears our prayers. He is listening. Don’t ever lose hope that He is not; our Father loves to give His children joy. It is important to remember to be joyful in all circumstances; especially during troubled times. You are in control of your emotions, your emotions are not circumstances beyond your control.

Choose hope, peace and joy for your life and be specific about your prayers. Pray with intention and passion and praise God for His blessings. A change in focus, in attitude, in your prayer life – and in your priority, with God at #1 – and watch as the transformation begins to unfold.

Need some help getting started? I’d love to help, leave me a comment below or send me an email.

Here are some links on topics to get started: Grief, Breaking Addiction, Communication Breakdown, The Holy Spirit, Infertility

How do you find Hope, Peace & Joy during trials? If you have a story of faith you’d like to share, leave a comment.

Keep the Faith,
Kim Adams Morgan

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      Thank you for visiting and for passing on my post, Betty. Just stopped by your place. Love all the veggies in the background.

  3. Caroline

    So true! I feel like we have so much control deciding what our attitude and emotions will be during hard times!! I just thank Jesus for them – for the opportunity to grow closer to Him and trust that He works ALL things for our good!!! xoxo
    Caroline recently posted…Blue Sock Moments – Part 2My Profile

    1. Post

      Thanks for stopping in, Caroline. Praying for Kai. Remember to trust in Him. He works ALL things for our good. These are the real tests of faith. xoxo Kim

  4. Lisa notes

    “You are in control of your emotions, your emotions are not circumstances beyond your control.”

    So true. I have a friend who frequently quotes this: “Feelings are rarely an indicator of reality”. Thanks for being a place of hope and peace and joy here.
    Lisa notes recently posted…Discrimination—An inside viewMy Profile

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