Fig w Mint and Goat Cheese

Fresh Summer Harvest

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I have never missed a garden so much as we have this summer, but we have still been able to enjoy the bounty of the summer harvest at our local farmer’s market. They have the best organic fruits, vegetables, and fresh seafood.

Here’s some of our favorite dishes we’ve been eating lately. They include gluten free, Meatless Monday, organic, and just plain healthy ingredients for your family.

Buckwheat Salad w Fig

Gluten free Buckwheat Salad with Fig

Taco Salad with Summer Harvest

Taco Salad (Great for Meatless Monday)

Fig w Mint and Goat Cheese Summer Harvest

Fig with Mint and Goat Cheese

Salmon w/ spinach

Grilled Salmon with Spinach and Goat Cheese

Taco Salad

Taco Salad with Dry Aged Organic Hamburger (no pink slime)


Do you like the bright background on the photos? I’m inspired for these by the most beautiful gladiolus I picked up while we were shopping last week.

I just love fresh flowers in the house.


What are you making with your summer harvest? 

Keep the Faith,
Kim Adams Morgan

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      Hi Linda, Great to see you again. I just stopped by your place (you give me such encouragement) and Ceil’s place. I just love Wednesdays. Thanks for the visit.

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      Victor, I love that Ceil introduced me to a new friend. Sorry to hear of your fig trees not doing so well. We had a fabulous fig tree at our last place. Oh how I miss it and would give anything for a cutting. My husband just suggested we sneak over and try to get one and sample the figs. Oh course he was kidding, but I was so tempted. These were from our organic market this time. The crop last year was all homegrown. I had such plans to make so many fig recipes, but I ate them up so fast I didn’t get to but a few. They are so delicious. I can’t wait to plant fruit trees. Our daughter has several in her yard and we had a grand time going out and picking our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve never been able to do this before! Hooray for California!

      1. Victor S E Moubarak

        Thanx for visiting me Kim. I’ve left a reply on my Blog.

        Having fresh fruit that you’ve grown yourself is great and we usually have many apples and pears from just 4 trees. However, not from the figs. We now have about 9 fig trees in tubs; I’ve been told not to put them in the ground because their roots run wide and deep. I’ve come up with an idea to have good tasting figs which you may wish to try. I now buy the fruits from the supermarket and tie them to the branches of our trees.

        God bless you and yours.
        Victor S E Moubarak recently posted…Blog Hop for writers?My Profile

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      It is wonderful to have a garden. I love the towns where they have the community garden that help feed the poor. They all come and work together and benefit in the harvest; it’s what Jesus meant in the bible. If only we could do this in every small town, we could stop hunger.

      Great to see you, Caroline.

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