stripped dress with boots and jacket

Fun Fall Fashion with Great Boots

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I’ve done some shopping and looking around on Pinterest and wanted to share some of the cute Fall fashion with you. Here are my Top 10 Picks.

#10. The Crisp White Shirt It’s a must in any wardrobe. Great for the office, cute with jeans, easy to dress up with any seasonal colors. Examples: you can get multiple looks by using the same shirt and adding a jacket, scarf, cute belt, different pants, great boots or shoes. Try mixing any combination of these items and don’t be afraid to mix up colors and patterns with a similar color. Experiment. 

Crisp White shirt

#9. Striped Sweater Everyone needs a fun sweater for those cool Fall nights, right? I love the colors in this one. 

striped sweater


#8. Great Casual Sweater with Vest and Leopard Print Flats I like this outfit for a few reasons. First, I love the usefulness of a quilted vest. It’s great for cool nights when it’s not cold enough for a jacket, but you want to snuggle up in something to stay warm, but still look stylish. The print flats are so cute and are sure to bring a little fun to any outfit. This look would also work great with the below boots.

Vest and Sweater outfit


#7. Red Sweater with Matching Bag I don’t wear a lot of red, but I love the color and style of this outfit. The jewelry is great and I would live in the gray sweater jacket, jeans and shoes. I already have this scarf.

Red outfit


#6. Burberry Coat This is a mid-length corduroy leather cuff trench coat. I just think the style is so cool.

burberry coat


#5. Maxidress with Leather Jacket I think this is a great idea to pair the maxidress with the leather jacket for Fall.  I love the colors of this dress. I may have to find this one in my size, and I can’t forget to get that cool hat.



#4-2 Great riding boots, cute jeans and shoes, and wonderful fall outfit ideas are why I picked these next three. The first two make me feel like I’m back on the ranch getting ready for a trail ride. Minus the pearls, of course. Frankie would have eaten those. 

checked shirt blue sweater with boots

 great jacket





















#1. Stripped Dress with Riding Boots and Jean Jacket This gets my #1 pick for fall – so far. This is fun, comfortable (a must in my book), and you can use each piece with other outfits and with other seasons. The jewelry is wonderful, the bag is fantastic, and I love the color of the boots. And don’t we all love a great jean jacket?

The bottom line is this – when I buy something, it has to be multi-seasonal and made to last so I get the biggest bang for my buck. If it’s not, I better have gotten an amazing deal on it.

stripped dress with boots and jacket


Happy shopping everyone! I link up here with these great blogs.

Keep the Faith,
Kim Adams Morgan

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  2. messymarriage

    I think you and I have the same taste, Kim! I love everything you’ve selected here. I’m not always able to wear the cute types of clothes/shoes that I want for various reasons that I won’t go into, but I always love looking my best. I really love that striped sweater and the scarf you said you have–two of my favorites from above! Thanks for the ideas and sharing some fall inspiration!

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      So glad you are back, Beth. Thank you for visiting me. I love doing all this Fall shopping, too bad we couldn’t use things for a few weeks and then trade them in for others. Maybe I should suggest that? 😉

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  3. Erin

    I love all these looks! What a great collection and good variety! Love that striped dress…and the maxi/leather combo too. :)

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