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I have been pretty sick the last few weeks; first I was in the hospital for stomach problems, which I’m praying are now resolved. Then, as a parting gift, I was discharged with something that turned into the flu.

I hate hospitals. I’ve been on a ton of medicine and fighting this now for the last two weeks. My kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy. :-(

Because I have asthma and I was already having some health issues, this flu has kicked my butt. My energy level is very low and I just want to sleep all the time. When I stand up, I get dizzy; when I talk for more than a few minutes, I start coughing and my chest starts burning again. I guess my body is still fighting the infection inside me.

I just know that I’m ready to be healthy again. And while I am trying to get better, nothing makes me feel better than looking at pretty clothes.

Here’s a taste of some fun Spring Fashion Designs in the stores now.

I love these two colors together and this full skirt…sooooo pretty.Blue full skirt Chloe Black dress

I just love this Christian Dior dress (below), it looks so feminine and comfortable.

Dior B&W Dress

This floral A-line dress is just gorgeous. Send me one, please.Floral ALine Dress

I love this entire outfit.Paris shirt and blazer Ralph Lauren Cream Dress

This skirt is fabulous!Zuhair Murad B&W skirt

And how about some great bags to go with those fun Spring Fashions?

Birkin Bag Black Jules Chanel bag Pink Jimmy Choo Vintage Louis Vuitton


And last but not least, some great shoes.

Burke Sneakers

Love these shoes!Chanel B&W Flat Chanel Tie shoes Free People flats rhinestone sandals

These are too cute!Stripped flats

Happy shopping for your fashion finds. Stay healthy and God Bless.

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Keep the Faith,
Kim Adams Morgan

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  2. Ceil

    Hi Kim! I’m so sorry that you are still down for the count. It sounds awful! Be sure to drink fluids, it will help with the ‘dizzies’. (Sorry, the nurse comes out of me way to much…)
    That full skirt reminds me of the poodle skirts of the ’50’s. My mom had one that she donated to the dress-up pile when we were kids, I can still see it! Bright red with huge white snowflakes on it. Classic!
    You do have a wonderful sense of fashion, and a bit of a shoe-thing!! They are all gorgeous, and I hope you will give us all a fashion show when that one dress you like is mailed to you!!

    Take good care of yourself, don’t push it too much. Thank you for a lovely post!
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      That full skirt does look like the poodle skirts from the 50s. I didn’t think of that. You have to have great shoes with your cute outfits, right. I have a hard time finding shoes because my feet are so small. I can look at all these great shoes, but most of the time they don’t fit me.

      No worries on the nurse thing, my sister is a nurse; my Mom was a nurse; my aunt was a nurse. I got it from all directions, Ceil. I’m used to it. :-) Thank you for visiting, friend. I hope you are healing and doing well.

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      Thanks, Jenn. It’s so fun to check out the new trends each season. I enjoyed your website. Thank you for stopping in so I could follow you back.

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      Thank you, Bill. Hoping this will be my unhealthy month for the entire year. :-) I think I have one more infection to clear and I will be back up and full of energy. We will see what the doctors say. So great to have you drop in. Blessings to you.

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