God’s Perfect Timing with Family

Rick and I are on a plane bound for the Midwest. We are going there to have a reunion I have prayed for since we married almost ten years ago. God is so faithful and loving in His answers to us. Sometimes we may not think He is listening; we may not think our dreams are possible; we may even think we are undeserving, but that’s just our fears and insecurities. It’s not how God operates. God loves to make our dreams come true. He especially loves when our dreams allow His glory to shine through. God's Perfect Timing This is not a typical family reunion; Rick hasn’t seen his Dad in 33 years. He left home at 17 to join the Navy. His parents divorced shortly after this, and while he remained very close with his Mom and her husband, Tom, he made a conscious decision to end all communication with his father. The why is personal and not important. Rick has one brother, Steve, who did stay close to his Dad.

I come from a big family. I always thought when I married I would extend my already big family with in-laws. When I learned of the distance between Rick and his Dad, I began to pray for reconciliation. I didn’t know how it would happen, but that wasn’t my job. I just kept praying. Every once in a while I would bring it up to Rick. He would just say he wasn’t ready. 

In addition to this reunion, there was another reunion I was praying for. Our daughter had never met her biological grandfather and had another set of grandparents she hadn’t seen since she was 15 yeas old. Divorce is so hard on families, and it can have unintentional consequences on children, especially when distance is involved. I was determined to have my new family – the family I’d always pictured in my head – come together and that one day I would have family photos on our wall. I just kept praying.

Rick heard a message in church earlier this year on forgiveness and it moved him to action.

God gave wings to my prayers.

At almost the same time, our daughter had a similar experience and realized the importance of family and forgiveness. It was as if God planted the same seed in their heart. Both were moved to act. My husband called his brother to get his Dad’s contact information; within a week he called him. They talked for 5 hours that first day. It turns out his Dad had prayed for years for Rick to reach out to him. He had wanted to call, but was told by Steve (Rick’s brother) he isn’t ready yet.

They have talked every week since that day; we can’t wait to see them. I will finally meet my father-in-law.

God has perfect timing for all of us. We don’t know what it is. We are not sovereign; He is. He sees all.

We land in Missouri in a couple of hours. It will be the first time in 33 years Rick’s family has been together. Steve is flying in from Tucson for the family reunion. His Dad doesn’t know it yet, but we are flying our daughter in from California to meet her grandfather. While there, she will also be reconnecting with her paternal grandmother and grandfather.  It has been almost 15 years since she has been to Grandma and Grandpa Tom’s house. She will soon be getting married and starting a family of her own, and she understands the value of faith and family.

God’s Perfect Timing

I have prayed for so long for these things to happen, but for all of them to take place at the same time, in this way, with all the family reunited – this is God answering over and above what I could have ever dreamed of. That’s just like our Father. God's Perfect Timing I don’t know if I’ll have room for all the family photos we will take. It’s a great problem to have! Don’t be afraid to pray big dreams. GOD IS IN THE MIRACLE BUSINESS. 

“What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27  

Stay tuned for Part Two.  

Keep the Faith,

Kim Adams Morgan



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  1. Beautiful coming together of all your prayers. Thank you for putting it into perspective. I hope you have the most rewarding and special reunion and move into the future with those photos on the wall!

  2. So awesome! It is neat when God answers prayers in these kind of ways! I hope your time is really special.

    Kristina recently posted…join us!My Profile

  3. Hi Kim! (You can wave to me out your plane window…)
    What a journey this is going to be! Both for you, and for your husband and daughter too. Is he nervous? Are you? Wow, talk about a closed door and an open window!

    I’m going to think about you all over the weekend. Can’t wait for Part 2. And what a great thing to do for your daughter too. You are giving her a completed circle of family. Beautiful. And not easy, I don’t mean that. I’m sure it will be a process, but what a worthwhile thing to do. My hat’s off to your husband. He is a real hero.
    I pray your days will be grace after grace.

    Ceil recently posted…The Closed DoorMy Profile

    • Ceil, I waved to you, did you see? ;-) I think my hubby is a hero too. So glad the family is moving forward together.

  4. I’ll never forget the time that was spent!

    • Katie, I’m so glad you were there to experience this with me and your Dad. Next time we will get that fish before Uncle Steve! Love you bunches. Mom

  5. I love my honey!

    • Honey, I’m so proud of you for taking this step. Thanks for leaving a comment. I know you like to support quietly. Love you

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