How far will you go to achieve your dreams? Life Coaching can help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

Are Life Coaching Services Right For You?

Kim Adams Morgan Coaching and Consulting, How far will you go to achieve your dreams? Life Coaching can help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T. S. Eliot

Are you at a crossroads in life?
Are you stuck in a career you don't like?
Need help navigating personal relationships?

A life coach is a valuable partner. Let me help you during a season of transition,
or when you need support and encouragement.

Who Needs Life Coaching Services?

  • Assessing life goals to develop a life plan.
  • You (and your spouse) want to build a God-centered marriage but need help.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your spouse and become a more supportive partner.
  • Facing a lack of balance between career and personal life.
  • Having difficulty dealing with stress on the job and at home.
  • Finding it hard to make important life decision.
  • You can’t prioritize projects and time lines.
  • Need help improving communication in personal, career or family relationships.
  • Facing high risk or challenging situations in your life.
  • Need to identify your core strengths and maximize your potential.
  • Facing a spiritual crisis and need to strengthen your relationship with God.
  • Diagnosed with a chronic, life changing illness and need help.
Life Coaching is life-changing; it will help you achieve your visions, goals and dreams. It is a transforming process designed to first help you discover the truths about your life, and who you are and who you want to be. It can be completed as individual or in a group setting. In either scenario, you and your coach work together to unlock your potential and to empower forward movement toward the calling in your life. Through the process, you will build confidence, learn communication skills, develop essential leadership skills and enhance the quality of your life.

My Coaching Niches

I specialize in personal and professional discovery. Why? Life is all about relationships. We are created out of love, and designed to live in community with one another. Out of community comes unity. Sometimes we get a little stuck along the way. Trust me, I’ve been here. It’s okay to be stuck. It’s not okay to be immobilized. If we are, we can’t fulfill our purpose in life.

My desire is to provide tools for you to have a God-centered life; to be a resource to enhance family and relationships; and to show you how to live with joy and to coach you as you boldly move forward to reach goals in life.

About Me

Why are these goals central to my mission? I have been blessed to work successfully in the corporate world for more than 20 years. I’ve built two successful businesses, but God redirected my life in 2009 when I became ill with the autoimmune illnesses, Sjogren’s syndrome and Connective Tissue disease.

Isn’t that just like Him? To use my brokenness to turn me toward a new direction: blogging and then graduating from The Christian Coach Institute as a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Ready to get started? Go to Kim’s life coaching services.

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  1. Betty Draper

    My husband and I will be taking a “couching” workshop through our mission in Sept. Since we are in the Member Care ministry of working with our missionaries coming off the field these workshops are valuable. I see a lot of what we do as “couching”, helping our members deal with issue they have had on the field, in their families, etc. I will have to look into you site more often to gleam some nuggets. Thanks for putting this out there for all of us to read.
    Betty Draper recently posted…FootstepsMy Profile

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