No Ordinary Visitor

Happy Friday Everyone! It’s Five Minute Friday time again. 


We live in Charlotte most weeks, but our home is in the mountains near the border of North and South Carolina. When we were there this past weekend to cover up our koi pond with the net for the winter (it keeps all the leaves out), we had some interesting visitors that were far from ordinary – at least for our pond – stop by to see us. 

The first one, if I’ve correctly identified him, is a bog turtle. They are endangered in our area, so it’s very cool he’s decided to wander in and visit us. I watched him over the weekend; he would hide underneath our bushes and then hang out near the pond some during the morning, but he doesn’t go in it. This little guy is welcome to stay as long as he wants.

Bog Turtle

 This next guy we aren’t so thrilled about, mostly because my husband and I don’t like things that slither on the ground. Also, he had to clean out the pond this weekend and we are really hoping we correctly identified this as a water snake. It does not have an orange tail or swim on top of the water like a water moccasin. In the four years since we built our home, this is the first snake we have seen in or around the pond. He will be good to keep the fish population down, with the weather staying warm in the winter, the fish breed even in the colder months. The pond is getting overpopulated. This little guy (he is small) may not be extraordinary, but he sure isn’t ordinary for us to see. I spend hours sitting by this pond. I’m quite sure I’d have noticed him or anything that looked like him. And the neighbors would have “heard” me scream it, I mean, announce it.

Water Snake We had one other surprise when we arrived. This doesn’t really fall under the category of No Ordinary Visitor; this grass is fairly ordinary, but it is still stunning to me and takes my breath away every time I see it dancing in the breeze. I’m so glad we planted it somewhere close to the front porch; I can enjoy it with the pond and fish. It doesn’t last very long; it makes an appearance in early Fall and if there is a lot of wind that year, the grass loses its beauty. Maybe it does belong under the No Ordinary Visitor title after all!

Pink Grass

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  1. You’ve selected some good ones for the post! We had a snake crawling alongside our house a couple of summers ago. My daughter told me and I thought, ‘eh, just a gardener snake,’ I looked out the window and it was huge (4-5 ft. huge). When I went out to investigate more it was gone and I never saw it again. I still think of it though, yuck.

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

  2. rkrumpe94 says:

    What fun surprises! It is always fun when the not-so-ordinary show up out of the blue. I love your pictures, even the snake. It would have scared me half to death though! What a beautiful place to escape too. Blessings to you! Love, Rachael

  3. Hi Dear! Oh, you’d still see me dashing down the road at top speed after seeing that snake. Well, that’s because my ‘run’ is more like a quick walk. What a gorgeous place you live in! A pond, fish, wildlife (minus snake)…what heaven. I am sure you enjoy your time there.

    Cute turtle! He can stay :) And the tall grasses are stunning too.

  4. ooo the snake, I don’t know about that one ;)

  5. Beautiful! And I love snakes, I liked seeing that little guy :)

  6. Thanks, Kim. What a fun story! I love that grass. I say it is no ordinary visitor. The way you wrote of it reminds me of how L.M. Montgomery writes about the world around her in Anne of Green Gables. Always so beautiful and engaging — making us readers wish we were there. Blessings :)

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