Living with Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune the Invisible Illness

Kim Autoimmune, Life 17 Comments

I came to see you today for solutions with my autoimmune disease. You were supposed to be different. A woman doctor = compassion, right? The research doctor. You look beneath the surface to what others cannot see. At least this is what I told myself when I finally selected you after pouring over a list of rheumatology (RA) doctors for …

Rick, Kim and Katie

I wish I had Sjogren’s Syndrome

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July 23 is World Sjogren’s Day. As Sjogren’s Ambassadors, my husband and I talk about Sjogren’s when we can. There are still many who have never heard about this disease. While I talk about Sjogren’s – the disease, I find that I still don’t talk much about my illness. I’m a very private person. This doesn’t help in bringing the recognition …

Sjogren's Symptoms

Dry Eyes and Dry Mouth

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Do you suffer from dry eyes and dry mouth and can’t get any answers from doctors? Do you find yourself using eye drops more than a few times a day? Have you had several unexplained cavities? Do you have joint pain that hasn’t resolved itself over time? If you answered yes to a few of these questions, take a look …

Persevering in Marriage, hardest moments in marriage

Hardest Moments From Marriage

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Rick and I have so many wonderful memories from our first few years of marriage.  We have had our challenges too. #1.  One of our hardest moments from marriage to overcome was our preference on animals in the home. I would have had an entire farm in our home. Well, maybe not this far.  Rick thought animals were great, but …