Christmas Refelctions

Christmas Reflections

Susie Bellamy Devotionals, Faith 3 Comments

Galations 4:4  “But when the fullness of the time was come, God Sent forth His Son…” My husband and I enjoy visiting historical places such as Williamsburg and Sturbridge Village.  These prototypes provide an opportunity to go back to the time of our ancestors  so that we can try to capture a sense of life during that period. Christmas Reflections …

God is Faithful

God Is Faithful

Kim Faith, Parenting 17 Comments

Hey there. I’m Caroline and I blog over at In Due Time, which I started back in April of 2012. In 2011 my life changed for the better when I got married to my sweet husband, Colby. Besides working as a financial analyst during the day, I enjoy spending time with Colby, friends, watching football, and attending various small groups …

Praise and Thanksgiving, Kim Adams Morgan

A Spirit of Gratitude

Susie Bellamy Devotionals 3 Comments

Spring and autumn are my favorite times of the year with autumn carrying more weight.  I am in awe of the spectacular colors which reflect the handiwork of our omnipotent God.  The sunlight dances from one colorful leaf to another like a mystical messenger delivering a blessing from God.  This universe was obviously created with minute detail.  Our creator thought …