Preparing for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner…how can that be? This year is just flying by. If you have not already started, it is time to start preparing the Thanksgiving dinner menu and visualizing how the table will look. Thanksgiving List It doesn’t matter whether you are feeding an army this year, or if it will just be the two of …

Fig w Mint and Goat Cheese

Fresh Summer Harvest

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I have never missed a garden so much as we have this summer, but we have still been able to enjoy the bounty of the summer harvest at our local farmer’s market. They have the best organic fruits, vegetables, and fresh seafood. Here’s some of our favorite dishes we’ve been eating lately. They include gluten free, Meatless Monday, organic, and …

Red Wine Pot Roast

Patience & Pot Roast with Calphalon

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Now I know you are wondering what this is all about. You do have to have a little patience to cook a good pot roast. After all, it takes awhile to let those wonderful juices simmer to perfection. But that’s just the beginning of this story. You see, way back in December my wonderful blogger friend Debbie at Deliciously Inspired had …

Toxic Easter Basket

Toxic Easter Basket

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Like most parents, we all want to give our children a wonderful Easter to remember, but please read the labels before you fill those baskets, or your child could end up with a toxic Easter basket. Are you buying the latest Easter Egg Coloring Kit on the market? What you may not realize (if you are not carefully reading the instructions) …