Loving a Difficult Spouse

6 Steps To Love a Difficult Spouse

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We all have a tough time in our relationship or marriage at some point in our life. It takes time and patience getting to know someone, learning their likes and dislikes and living in close quarters. Communication, compromise and forgiveness are three things every couple should practice. When selfishness does not yield to what is good for the marriage, problems …

God-centered Marriage Design

Pride in People: A God-centered Marriage

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We all have things we’re proud of. Our kids, homes we’ve worked hard for, that body we’ve worked so hard to maintain. Come on, let’s be honest, after a certain age we gain weight if we even look at sugar and carbohydrates. Am I right ladies? For men, it’s their career they find purpose in, or maybe the classic car …

Nothing is Impossible

The Perfect Mate List for Marriage

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When you think back to the guy or girl you dreamed of when you were young, what were some of the top qualities on ‘the perfect mate list for marriage‘ you just had to have? attractive (lets face it, we need to be physically attracted to our mate) makes me laugh kind grateful intelligent similar interests hardworking honest/trustworthy good morals heart …

Every Reason to Leave

Addiction Threatens Marriage

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Have you ever given everything you had to your marriage but it just wasn’t enough? You didn’t have the right tools in the toolbox to fight the addiction, selfishness, differing backgrounds and desires (or whatever other crisis you or your spouse were facing); you didn’t know enough about yourself to understand how you were sabotaging your marriage; or maybe you …

Responsibility in Marriage

Avoiding Unhappy Marriages

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The dating process and the engagement period are there for a reason: to get to know someone. It seems we have forgotten this and gone right from introductions, followed by a rush to sleep together, then living together. Finally (if ever) people get married. It’s so sad that so many couples are looking for ways on how to survive in an unhappy marriage. …

Wedding dress 2

Wedding Fashion 2014

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June is always a popular time for weddings, and I couldn’t help noticing all the lovely wedding fashion popping up all around me: jewelry, hairstyles, dresses, centerpieces, etc. surrounding me at every turn. Have you seen them? I wanted to post a few of my favorites in case you (or maybe someone you know) have a wedding coming up.  Be …