Things I’ve Learned



Day 23. Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you




It doesn’t teach you how to quiet your fears when you are afraid to try something new.  That takes courage and passion.

It may give you all the medical knowledge you could need to save a life.  But it doesn’t help you when a family member takes theirs.


It teaches you how to broaden your mind and do complex reasoning, but it can’t teach you to have faith when a tornado is upon you and you have nowhere to go.



School can teach subjects about death and dying, but when your best friend is going through chemo every week for a year or your uncle is dying of cancer and you can only watch as they waste away, you are not prepared for this fight.


You learn about love and marriage from family and friends; you read about it in books.  But when you are newly married and you have that first big fight, words are said and hearts get broken.  That perfect image is shattered; you slowly move from being in a non-sustainable love place to the old, comfortable shoe, I’ll follow you anywhere because you’re my everything, love place.


size0-army_mil-2007-08-30-141552When towers come tumbling down; when planes crash into our government buildings; when terrorists are bombing our cities; when our men and women in uniform are at war for years defending our freedom - do you find that in any school book today?  They don’t teach honor, love of one’s country, or heroism?  It is birthed from within you.  From something greater than you are.


I have learned how to go from feeling lost in a very big world because I didn’t measure up to everyone’s expectations, to only having to measure up to my Creator’s purpose for my life.  They didn’t teach that in my college.


The biggest thing I have learned is that if I have the courage to stand strong in my weakness and abide in faith, no matter what the circumstances, I will persevere.  My goal just had to be bigger than myself.










Keep the Faith,

Five favorite blogs…and why.


Happy Sunday – It’s Day 19.  Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.

Deliciously OrganicCarrie-Photo-Widget

This is a fantastic blog for anyone wanting to get healthy and learn more about how to cook with organic foods.  Carrie offers recipes, product tips, links to articles, etc.  And for those of you who really want to get serious, you can sign up for meal plans and take a look behind the scenes at what is in Carrie’s pantry.  What more incentive do you need to visit this website and get healthy?  Your body will thank you and you will soon discover the healing powers of eating organically, just like Carrie did.  Just like I did.  More on my blog about this coming in the future…

Christianity Today logo_corp210x34

I’m going big here.  I have been reading them for quite awhile.  They do a great job of giving relevant information to Christians and seekers in the areas of culture, politics and current affairs, theology and spirituality and church life and ministry.  Christianity Today offers topics that are essential to our world today.

Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundationssf_logo

This foundation has been working hard to change the face of Sjögren’s Syndrome (pronounced Show – gruns) and educate doctors and patients on what this disease is.  Sjögren’s is a chronic autoimmune disease in which a person’s white blood cells attack his or her moisture-producing glands. Today, as many as four million Americans are living with this disease.  It is the most prevalent auto-immune disease after arthritis, yet many people (including doctors) have never heard of it.  For a newly diagnosed patient or family member, this site is a goldmine.  If you are looking for a worthy cause to donate to, they have multiple research trials going on.  Get involved.  There is currently no cure and diagnosis can take 4.7 years on average currently.

Charlotte NC Travel ConnectWithCharlotte

I’m going local here with my next site.  When HP and I are looking for something new and exciting to do or we have guests coming into town, this is where we go to see what’s making news.  You can get it all right here: Events, maps, things to do, places to stay and travel deals.  I am never disappointed when I visit.  And if you are new to Charlotte, bookmark this site.  You will be coming back over and over.

Micha Boyett Micha

Micha’s blog is pure, honest and from the gut.  Her passion shines through on every post as she shares her journey of faith and what it means to trust in Christ and follow, no matter where you are called.  Keep on transforming lives, Micha.