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When eight year old Libby (not her real name) stood before her congregation to share her conversion experience, she asked Jesus to come into her heart, it happened so fast – “SHA-BAMM” and He came into her life. It was obviously her expression of joy, a true awakening. She now feels she is able to make better choices in life. …

Praise and Thanksgiving, Kim Adams Morgan

A Spirit of Gratitude

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Spring and autumn are my favorite times of the year with autumn carrying more weight.  I am in awe of the spectacular colors which reflect the handiwork of our omnipotent God.  The sunlight dances from one colorful leaf to another like a mystical messenger delivering a blessing from God.  This universe was obviously created with minute detail.  Our creator thought …

Stone Path

The Path

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Your hands shaped me and created me my path was defined for me before I was born yet You give me free will. One hand chooses to seek; to follow to love; to praise; to be the hands and feet. The other is caught up in the world living for the next thrill on the dark side. Both are drawing …

Infertility to Triplets. Remember to count your blessings. Every day God performs miracles. You never know when yours is around the corner.

Infertility to Triplets

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Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a guest writer.  Because she has young children and will be writing about being a Mom, we will be calling her Ephesians Mom – EM for short.  EM has a heart to love the Lord like no other I’ve known before.  In her post, EM talks about the challenges and joys she …