Do You Crave God?

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The Great Escape  No this isn’t a tale of World War II heroics…it’s the tale of a squirrel and two determined dogs.   As I sat studying  the Word one morning on my backyard patio, my two lovable furry friends took to a chase.  A poor unsuspecting squirrel had taken refuge in a low sitting shrub.  One dog chased around the …

Confidence and Courage

Having Confidence and Courage

Susie Bellamy Devotionals, Faith 8 Comments

I can’t help but think of several Bible characters who demonstrated confidence and courage.  Queen Esther intervened on behalf of her people to stop the king from issuing an edict that would condemn the Jews to death.  She disregarded a law that was to prevent her from approaching the king (Esther 4:16).  She exhibited great confidence and courage in doing …

Christian Music

Singing the Blues Away

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by Susie Bellamy  The other morning, when I went to the barn to feed my handsome Fox Trotter, I decided to plug into my MP3 and participate in the beautiful sacred music offered by one of the radio stations.  As usual, I was greeted with many nickers while my half-ton, four-legged friend indicated with his head that he was ready …