Are you having communication problems in a relationship? Could you be hearing something in that wasn't said?

The Communication Gap

Kim Family, Improving Relationships 2 Comments

  We grow up learning to communicate in different ways. Our experiences all play a part in not only how we internalize what we hear and see, but also how we respond to external stimuli. To go a step further, our mood, our immediate surroundings and our family/relationship dynamics all play a part in what goes on in our hearts and …

Do not fear, God is with you

The Strain of Loneliness

Susie Bellamy Devotionals 8 Comments

Some of you may remember listening to the mellifluous voice of Elvis Presley singing “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” Ricky Nelson decided he would go to “Lonesome Town” to cry his troubles away. Today we listen to artists like Christina Perri and Blake Shelton singing about being lonely. No matter your gender, your age, your tax bracket, or the situation you …

Sunset 1

Don’t Let the Sun Set on Love

Kim Love, Life 6 Comments

Ephesians 4:2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Don’t let the sun go down on your chance at love. Not with family, not with friends and not with your spouse you promised to love, honor and cherish. Relationships take hard work from two imperfect people. They require forgiveness. Click To Tweet It’s never too …

Responsibility in Marriage

Avoiding Unhappy Marriages

Kim Faith, Relationships, Marriage 20 Comments

The dating process and the engagement period are there for a reason: to get to know someone. It seems we have forgotten this and gone right from introductions, followed by a rush to sleep together, then living together. Finally (if ever) people get married. It’s so sad that so many couples are looking for ways on how to survive in an unhappy marriage. …

Jesus Knocking

Friday Faith Walk – John Rackliffe

Kim Faith, Life, Faith Walk 2 Comments

Welcome back to Friday Faith Walk. Every Friday we feature a new story of how someone came to faith in Christ. We all come from different places; we walk different paths, no two are the same. God reaches out to each of us at different times and in different ways until we open the door and let Him in.  He does this …