Living with Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune the Invisible Illness

Kim Autoimmune, Life 17 Comments

I came to see you today for solutions with my autoimmune disease. You were supposed to be different. A woman doctor = compassion, right? The research doctor. You look beneath the surface to what others cannot see. At least this is what I told myself when I finally selected you after pouring over a list of rheumatology (RA) doctors for …

Rick, Kim and Katie

I wish I had Sjogren’s Syndrome

Kim Autoimmune, Faith 26 Comments

July 23 is World Sjogren’s Day. As Sjogren’s Ambassadors, my husband and I talk about Sjogren’s when we can. There are still many who have never heard about this disease. While I talk about Sjogren’s – the disease, I find that I still don’t talk much about my illness. I’m a very private person. This doesn’t help in bringing the recognition …

Infused Water

The Wonders of Water

Kim Cooking & Healthy Food, Health & Lifestyle 6 Comments

Rejoice Rejoice – The warm weather is finally here for 99.9% of us. With the warm weather comes biking, swimming, more play dates for the children, trips to the beach, exercising in the heat, and outdoor picnics and parties.  We have to start thinking about our water consumption and how much water our kids are drinking throughout the day. Our …


Cooking & Food Allergy

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I have had a lot of fun cooking this winter. I’ve also found that if I keep the stove running, it’s a great way to keep the house warm, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve created this season. Most of these are organic and vegetarian, but we do occasionally add meat to our diet when we …

Sjogren's Symptoms

Dry Eyes and Dry Mouth

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Do you suffer from dry eyes and dry mouth and can’t get any answers from doctors? Do you find yourself using eye drops more than a few times a day? Have you had several unexplained cavities? Do you have joint pain that hasn’t resolved itself over time? If you answered yes to a few of these questions, take a look …