Why I love Hats

The Benefit of Hats

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My husband had the funniest thing happen to him at the office last week. I asked him if it was okay to share it with you. 

Funny Hat Story

He had a couple of visitors stop by his office. They needed some papers signed and had some business to discuss. After they finished their meeting, the ladies noticed a collection of photos Rick has throughout his office. He has several of him and I on vacations, a couple from a professional photo shoot we’d done, various family photos from both sides of our family and several special memories with our daughter through the years.

While Rick was signing a few papers for the women they began to look around the room. One had stopped on the particular photo below. It was one of the first she’d come to. She turned to my husband and said, “Oh, is this you and your daughter?”

Why I love Hats, Couple at Bridge in Sanfrancisco

After my husband (and the woman with her) stopped laughing, he politely told the woman that I was his wife. He gave the women a quick tour around the office so they could see the other photos of us and the photos of our daughter.

Hats – The Perfect Accessory

My husband is three years older than I am, but somehow I was mistaken for his daughter that day.

I love my hats. They do make me look younger on occasion, but that isn’t why I wear them. Note to self…rethink this last thought.

  • They keep the sun off my face.
  • They give life to outfits.
  • They are my unique perspective of how I feel each day.
  • Sometimes they just help this introvert to hide away from the world.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up. That’s the perfect time to try a hat without looking out-of-place. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when looking for a hat:

  1. Hairstyle
  2. The weather forecast (wind, rain, snow, heat)
  3. Your Style
  4. The shape of your face
  5. Your outfit
  6. Be sure you are able to take it off in public if you will be blocking someone’s view.
What type of hat is right for you?

There are so many different types of hats out there. Here are a few of my favorite:

Bucket Hat

The Bucket Hat

Cloche Hat

The Cloche Hat

Kentucky Derby Hats

Derby Hats – Learn to make them by clicking through

Cowboy hat

The Cowboy Hat

Nordstroms, Badgley Mishca

Extra Wide Derby Hat (Photo by Nordstroms)


The Fedora

So ladies, for those of you who were afraid to wear hats before; now that you know a bit more about them, are you ready to shave a few years off and have a little fun with hats?

Anyone can wear a hat, just find one you feel comfortable with and add a little fun to your outfit. What a great new way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

What’s your favorite hat?

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  1. Donya

    I’ve only had one hat that I liked and that was back in college. I always feel like my head is too big…and then there’s my big mass of hair to deal with. But you look totally adorable in anything, including hats!
    Donya recently posted…#FatGirlProblemsMy Profile

    1. Post

      Oh, girl. Your face is completely adorable. You would look so great in hats. Especially with that great hair sneaking out on the side and/or front. Thanks for visiting me, friend.

    1. Post

      It certainly is a lot of excitement, isn’t it? I also get very nervous. After Eight Belles, I haven’t been as excited. Thank you for visiting, Kristin.

    1. Post
  2. Ceil

    Hi Kim! You are so slim and youthful looking, I’m not surprised at all by the comment. That would never happen with me…to much gray hair!

    My girlfriend’s son got married, and had the reception at Churchill Downs. We were to wear Derby Hats. Well, that was a new thought to me. I bought a straw hat with a HUGE brim. It was fun! I don’t know if I looked good, but I looked the part :)

    Keep wearing those hats my friend. It suits you!
    Ceil recently posted…Lessons From the Silent GrassMy Profile

    1. Post

      What fun that must have been. I’d love to go to Churchhill Downs one day. We were supposed to attend a horse show near there a few years ago. The one we showed at several years back was quite a ways away. Too far to visit while hauling a trailer behind us. I bet you look fabulous in hats, Ceil. Thanks for being here.

  3. Candace

    Great story! You really do look so young in that picture and I absolutely love the hat you are wearing. I mainly use them to keep the sun off my face. Thanks for reminding me I need a new one for summer :). The fedora above is fantastic! I’ll have to check that one out.
    Candace recently posted…Finding Space to BreatheMy Profile

    1. Post

      Candace, Thank you. I’m also in love with that fedora. I think those are my favorite. My husband is so cute, he indulges me in my little hat fetish. He even built me a new shelf with hooks for them. They must keep my head cool and the sun off my face. Thanks for visiting me.

  4. Bill (cycelguy)

    I used to wear a cowboy hat but gave that up years ago (when I quit listening to CM). I now wear no hat even though I have no hair. I do wear a bike helmet when I ride. I wear a knit type hat in the winter. One thing I don’t have to worry about is hat hair. LOL
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…HandOffMy Profile

    1. Post

      I bet you look great in cowboy hats, Bill. The bike helmet is a must. We always wore riding helmets when we saddled up. The alternative is never good. Thanks for stopping in here.

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