Make a DIY Coffee Table in 5 easy steps for under $125.

The DIY Coffee Table in 5 Easy Steps

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I love a good DIY Project. How about you? This DIY Coffee Table in 5 Easy Steps may be right up your alley. I started out wanting to design and build the entire thing from scratch. My husband nixed that idea as we have more than our share of things going on right now. I admit, I’m glad he did. It would have been too much to handle.

Next, I thought I could just find what I was looking for at one of the gazillion retail places around Northern California or online.

DIY Coffee Table in 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever looked for that perfect outdoor coffee table to match your new patio furniture, an existing rug or a tight space?

Let’s talk about price…holy cow. To get the coffee table I wanted, I would need to take out a small loan. No, I wasn’t having it! Saving money is always in style for us.

You need to have just the right color, the perfect size, and of course you need enough surface space to hold food and drinks for the number of people you are seating, or what’s the point of a coffee table?

Do you know what I’m saying here?

I decided to hit some of the local consignment shops to see what I could come up with. After striking out at the first few, I got lucky at one of my favorite little spots in Rocklin with a great little find. Now my husband didn’t think so when I walked out with it. His first question was, “How much did you pay for that?”

I love this man, but he does not have vision.

The Before – DIY Coffee Table

  • Stage One
  • Stage Two
  • Stage Three
  • Stage Four

Step One – Purchase your material. Once you find your item, make sure you figure out what additional materials you will require to make it your own, what you will need to purchase and what labor is involved. I did not have to do any cutting. My local Lowes checked all my measurements and then cut my 1 x 1 bracers and my Trex boards for me. When I went to the store, my listed included 5 1/4 inch decking, stain, sandpaper. This would have been a lot of extra work on my part. When I saw the Trex decking, this allowed me to change directions and save several steps, while still giving me the look I wanted in a great color that fit the style I was going for.

Step Two – Once you have all your material, recheck your DIY diagram one more time for accuracy. Then begin to prepare your surfaces so they have time to dry. You don’t want to be measuring while the paint is still wet.

Step Three – Measure twice, cut once. Layout all your material and measure where the metal base will line up on the finished product. Now begin to pre-drill the holes and fasten the braces to the Trex boards. Be sure you have the correct size screws so that they do not penetrate the other side of the boards. You will not want to sink them below the surface. Also, make sure to use the proper screws for outdoor use. Once the boards are held in place by the three braces (we used four screws per outside board, two per inside), you are ready to fasten the metal base to the three wooden braces.

Step Four – Using your pre-drilled holes, fasten the screws through the metal base and into the three 1 x 1 braces until they are secure. Holding onto the boards for support, not the metal base, flip your DIY coffee table over and wipe it down.

Step Five – place it around your outdoor patio furniture, decorate and throw a party. You did it! You made your very own DIY Coffee Table that fits your unique space. Congratulations.

This little DIY project can be made for under $120.

Make a DIY Coffee Table in 5 easy steps for under $120.

Make a DIY Coffee Table in 5 easy steps for under $120.


I can’t wait to entertain this weekend!

What are you working on? Do you have any DIY projects planned for the holiday weekend? Have a great 4th of July weekend. Be safe.

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  1. Ceil

    Hi Kim! Such a pretty table! It’s so cool that you can see the potential of a piece that looks tired and worn. That’s a great gift to have, and I don’t think I have it at all!
    Happy 4th to you and yours my friend,
    PS Enjoy your new table as you entertain this weekend :)
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